The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Medium sized, with a noble, square-shaped head, strong of limb, bred to cover all terrain encountered by the walking hunter. Movement showing an easy catlike gracefulness. Excels equally as a pointer in the field, or a retriever in the water. Coat is hard and coarse, never curly or woolly, with a thick undercoat of fine hair, giving an unkempt appearance. His easy trainability, devotion to family, and friendly temperament endear him to all. The nickname of “supreme gundog” is well earned.

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a loyal, skilled energetic field dog. It is intelligent and makes a distinguished gundog and tracker. These excellent hunting companions can point and retrieve with a deliberate style, generally staying within the hunter’s gun range. Especially good for hunters on foot, it combines the ability to be directed by the hunter with the ability to think independently. It has an exceptionally fine sense of smell and a great passion for the hunt, especially for quail and hare. Friendly, lively and active, the breed works well in marshland and upland, and is a fine pointer, flusher and water retriever. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon’s coat protects him from dense brush and bad weather. Very loving, it is also an excellent family pet, gentle and affectionate with children. It is very eager and willing to please and is easily trained. If not properly socialized, exercised and given enough mental stimulation, it can be rather high-strung and nervous with strangers and unfamiliar situations. Dogs that do get enough exercise are generally friendly toward strangers, other dogs and pets. Socialize extensively when young and be sure to always be the dog’s pack leader. This breed is an excellent watchdog.

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